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FOCUS ON Blossoming Botanical Gardens < “April showers brings May flowers…” and now that some of our favorite flowers are preparing to bloom, we are daydreaming about spending a day outside, without all the flowerbeds of our dreams may take awhile, we can find inspiration from a few of the South’s most verdant botanical gardens. 30 Courtesy of Dallas arboretum weeding. While growing the Botanical gardens are a great resource for plant education and conservation. Additionally, visiting your local botanical garden can be a fun family outing or just the perfect setting in the fresh spring air to finish a novel. Either way, you’ll take in some expertly designed gardens and even learn about new plant life that can flour- ish in your own home garden. Botanical gardens are not limited to just flora and fauna, but are often decorated for each season with an array of seasonal blooms, trees, statues, sculptures, lights, bridges and other fascinating architectural elements. Travel to any of these gorgeous botanical gardens around the South and be totally amazed at the breadth of natural beauty on display. From acres of beautiful