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FOCUS ON unexpected Hop on board and ride the rails through the South. Enjoy the rhythm of a train and the clangs and whistles of traveling on rail. The tracks are always calling, so let’s explore spots where we can rekindle our fascination with these iron giants. 80 Train Treks The history of America’s rails is much longer than that of its highways, and arguably the train system has had a greater influence on the nation’s infrastructure, migration patterns and even its time zones. Most of the cross-country tracks used today follow the same paths of the lines laid down 150 years ago; some of these pass through the earliest settler routes. This is the kind of info you will typically get from your friendly conductor during a ride on the rails. There’s no need to block out a full week of vacation to enjoy this classic way of travel. There are many places in the United States where you can visit an old train depot, take a round-trip journey through the country and ride through tun- nels and along mountain valleys. Both