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Southern Summers

If your idea of the perfect family vacation means sunshine, adventure, trying new things, and just getting out into nature then the south is the perfect destination!

Texas Treasures - Can't miss experiences in the Lone Star State

Texas has no shortage of natural wonders, exciting attractions and educational experiences for travelers of any age. From sunny beaches and authentic western experiences to theme parks, zoos and museums, Texas is a year-round destination that offers families a world of fun for Spring Break, summer vacation and beyond.

Small Towns You Can't Miss - Southern Destinations You'll Love

The heart of the South boasts a slower pace where neighbors know each other by name and people wave at each other as they drive by. These charming small towns have some of the sweetest hospitality and the prettiest scenery you’ll find anywhere.

Beyond Okay Adventures - Highlighting Some of The Best of Oklahoma

Oklahoma is famous for it’s Route 66 attractions but there’s even more to be discovered in this fun-filled southern state. No matter your reason for visiting or who you have with you there’s top notch options for every kind of adventurer!

Southern Affairs: Festivals + Events + Things to Do

Traveling to a new destination can be so exciting because of the mystery of an unexplored location. Then there are ways to travel with a purpose to add even more fun to your adventure. There are so many events, festivals, celebrations, and more that are worth experiencing as a tourist!

Wine Country Showdown

Long before Prohibition, when the rollicking-good party was forced to run dry (theoretically, of course — hello, speakeasies), brandy-lovers and wine-drinkers faced an entirely different threat. Unlike the law of the land, the laws of nature are a lot harder to ignore. In this case, nature came in the form of near-microscopic insects, phylloxera, that feed on the roots and leaves of grapevines, ultimately killing the plant.

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