Southern Summers

Southern Summers

If your idea of the perfect family vacation means sunshine, adventure, trying new things, and just getting out into nature then the south is the perfect destination! With a plethora of outdoor activities to suit everyone’s taste you’ll have no trouble soaking it all in with a new itinerary each day. Fly, swim, and explore in any of the southern states and then head to the next one for an even better experience than the last. Add a tall glass of sweet tea, some front porch sittin’, and plenty of country tunes and you’ll have yourself the summer vacation of a lifetime. 



Get a little closer to that sweet summer sunshine by taking your adventures to the sky! Soak in the tranquil views from a hot air balloon or savor the adrenaline rush as the world rushes toward you on your way back down from your first skydiving experience. Either way, aerial adventures are the perfect way to have your summer vacation take flight. 


Balloon Odyssey 
Louisville, KY 

Hot air balloon rides offer incredible experiences full of exhilaration. Imagine silently floating above the treetops and enjoying a bird’s eye view as the world glides below you. Rides typically last for a full hour and are scheduled in the early morning and the late evening. At Balloon Odyssey, they fly with the finest pilots available and have been offering passenger rides in Louisville since 1974. 

SkyDive Monroe 
Monroe, GA 

Come learn why birds fly! Tandem skydiving allows guests to experience 60 seconds of freefall with a professional instructor exiting at an altitude of 14,000 feet. At approximately 5,500 feet your instructor will deploy the main parachute allowing you to take in the surrounding views with approximately five minutes of peaceful flying. Are you ready to take the leap? 

Southern Seaplane Inc 
Belle Chasse, LA 

It’s time for your seaplane adventure! Experience the thrill of New Orleans as you pass the French Quarter and the Superdome. View in amazement the winding Mississippi as you proceed to the beautiful bayous landing for a closer look at the abundant wildlife. See Lafitte, a town named for the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte, located on Bayou Barataria then return through the beautiful marshes. Expand your tour with the additional Save The Coast and Cajun Heritage tours. 



Beat the heat by taking a dip in the cool waters and remembering what makes summer so sweet. There’s endless resources to do just that in the south so have your pick between our beaches, lakes, water amusement parks, or even the hotel pools. There’s water filled wonders for everyone whether you want to raft a challenging course or just float for a while. 


Lake Lure Adventure Company 
Lake Lure, NC 

Lake Lure Adventure Company caters to the specific needs of all guests from beginner to advance. Offering instruction and activities for ages 5 and up, there's something for everyone at every activity level. Combine any number of activities into one session and let everyone take a turn water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing! After you’ve given a go at the high-octane activities, switch over to a pontoon boat in the afternoon for a relaxing cruise around the lake for a day you’ll never forget. 

Quest Expeditions 
Ocoee, TN

Join Quest Expeditions for an unforgettable Tennessee white water rafting adventure. Experience a whitewater trip on the Ocoee River’s middle section that spans through 5 miles of class three and class four rapids. It’s the perfect section for first timers, experienced rafters and enthusiasts. Flowing rapidly through the Cherokee National Forest, this beautiful gorge promises a fun outing, big waves and a scenic ride. The challenge of paddling through seventeen major rapids will leave you with a thrill of a lifetime. 

Adventure Kayak Tours 
Chesapeake, VA

Adventure Kayak Tours is your destination for guided kayak tours and custom rentals in Coastal Virginia. Experience personalized trips with modern equipment and individual attention and be taken from exploring fresh water marshes in Virginia Beach, to entering ancient cypress swamps in Chesapeake, all the way to stepping foot on untouched barrier islands on the Eastern Shore. Custom tours including Fishing AdventuresGeocaching AdventuresPaddle in Trash Out Events, and Paddle Under the Stars are also offered. 



There is an infinite amount of adventures to be had by just getting outdoors in the south. You never know where the path may lead and who or what you’ll see on the way. Our serene and picturesque parks are like a whole new world here to remind you that the simple life is the best life. Hit the trails, ride a bike, or dig for fossils to discover more than just a good time this summer. 


Charleston Fossil Adventures 
Charleston, SC 

Seasoned and novice fossil hunters alike will feel right at home at Charleston Fossil Adventures. Whether you're looking to spend a relaxing evening on the beach, or stock up on shark teeth for a seaside craft project this family-friendly outdoor adventure enterprise ensures that everyone walks away with lots of fossil material. The fossils are 100% real, naturally-occurring fossils, never planted before your trip and there are various choices for your preference of fossil adventure. Kayak to more supreme spots to find all the best fossil treasures or bring in your own collection and have their experts identify your finds!


Outdoor Gravity Park 
Pigeon Forge, TN 

Have you ever been a hamster inside a ball, sliding around squeaking in excitement? Then zorbing at Outdoor Gravity Park is just the medicine you need to be happy, healthy, and to get your mojo going! The OGO ball is an 11-foot transparent sphere constructed from over 300 square feet of plastic that gives you the ride of a lifetime on the four different tracks at the park with special experiences for speed demons and zig zag lovers. This experience is a fun and affordable way for the whole family to slip, slide, cool off and let loose. 

Red Mountain Park 
Birmingham, AL 

If it’s higher thrills you’re looking for, the Hugh Kaul Beanstalk Forest at Red Mountain Park in Birmingham, Alabama, is a sure challenge. This aerial rope course includes 20 obstacles that make for an hour long self-guided tour. While at the park, there’s also the option of a 1,000-foot zipline from the Kaul Adventure Tower, eight lanes of rappelling, traditional rock and vine climbs, and so much more. Motorized off-road wheelchairs are also available so that everyone can enjoy their time at the park. 


Any way you choose to enjoy your time this summer is the perfect way and there’s far more to get in to than what you can plan in advance, so leave a day up to chance and go with the flow. There’s nothing wrong with substituting white water rafting for reading a book on the beach, it still counts as an outdoor activity! Make sure to tell your friends about your great southern adventures and bring them back with you next time. 

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Explore the North Carolina Highlands  

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